Magma Group:
The story so far

Magma was established in April 2005.

The name Magma was deliberate. Magma when it emerges from a volcano possesses enormous energy, charts its own path and ultimately becomes solid and enduring.

From the very beginning Magma was going to be a different kind of enterprise. We wanted Magma to be nimble and unlike the industry we serve we wanted to avoid difficulties with legacy and high fixed cost structures that end up defining and negatively impacting the operating business model. Magma is, and always has been, flexible, technology rich, highly virtualized, fanatical about robust process and engaged with the very best talent.

2005 - 2008

In April 2005 MG Rover had just been placed in administration. UK Government and Labour needed a solution. Magma believed the only viable option for MG Rover was with Shanghai Auto. Magma mobilized its contacts in China and successfully engaged SAIC. Magma assisted SAIC in its acquisition and subsequent exploitation of the MG Rover assets devising detailed business and operational plans for Product Development, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Magma continued its interest in assisting in transformative M&A, acquiring Menard Engineering Limited (rebranded Ultramotive) in 2006, managing the acquisition of LDV for GAZ Group in 2006 and all related post acquisition integration. Magma also advised clients on Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, SAAB and Opel/GME.

In 2007 Magma Innovations was launched. One of MI’s early projects was assisting Cambridge University start-up Redbite, an RFID Solutions enterprise.


Magma is, and always has been, flexible, technology rich, highly virtualized, fanatical about robust process and engaged with the very best talent.


2008 - 2010

In 2008 Magma developed an acquisition plan for Super Aguri Formula 1 with related commercial and technology agreements with Honda Motor Company and Honda F1.

2008 also saw Magma divest Ultramotive to Russia’s GAZ International and lead the acquisition of Mckenzie Myers Ltd (rebranded Auto XP). This acquisition and the global financial crisis were to stimulate Magma into expanding its strategy to grow several new operating entities.

Magma People was launched in 2008. Recognising that human capital is the source of all competitive advantage we wanted to create a different type of recruitment service, one which could nurture and develop talent facing an industry where jobs for life were disappearing.

As the industry struggled out of recession Magma could see that resources had been severely depleted. Magma launched Magma Automotive Services in 2009 to provide manufacturers with experienced and capable sales teams to allow OEM’s to participate in the market recovery.

2010 - present

Magma was increasingly focusing on breakthrough solutions and in 2010 developed an Advanced retailing concept which has the potential to replace or supplement the traditional dealer model. Magma developed a World first multi channel distribution system based around the internet launching the complete operation just 5 ½ months after engagement.

During 2010 Magma completed a survey of industry executives attitudes to the digital revolution and what it meant for the communications industry. Magma sought out a best in class partner and at the Paris Motor Show 2010 Ignite, Magma’s digital agency was soft launched to clients and prospects.

In 2011 Magma opened an office in Lucerne, Switzerland to oversea operations in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy.

Magma started its first above the line marketing activities in 2012 with Magma People partnering with Automotive News in the Rising Stars and Magma Automotive Services sponsoring the Company Car Magazine 2012 Awards.

At the end of 2012 Magma Group acquired Headline Auto, a press publishing web service and information portal from Centaur Media.

During 2012 Magma Group managed operations and assignments in the United States, China, Russia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

2013 sees the launch of Magma Autolabs and Magma Intelligent Design as externally facing business units.