Magma Innovations


Innovation for a connected planet

“In Magma Innovations we found a partner who shares the focus, rigour and professionalism required to deliver innovative and truly differentiated strategic consultancy for our clients”

Seiki Maenosono, Managing Director, Hitachi Consulting.

 As internationally recognized experts in future city technologies, innovation and economic development, we see cities as systems, made up of networks of increasingly interconnected devices, deployed to drive innovation, business development and economic growth.

In a rapidly urbanising and resource-constrained world, Magma Innovations bridges the gap between mobility and transport, energy production and use, the efficient and effective delivery of citizen services, wealth generating real-estate and infrastructure development and ‘smart’ government and governance.

Our Focus – Future City Systems

Integrated transportation and energy systems form a key part of a city’s nervous system.  They are vital to secure the competitiveness of cities, the success of its businesses, and the well-being of its citizens.  These systems ensure that essential city services and infrastructure effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of citizens and businesses.

For this reason, and in the context of the Internet of Things, we focus primarily on innovation, the design of new services and the integration of city systems across three interconnected domains

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Core Services

 Execution focused, our international team provides strategic, commercial, technical and economic development consultancy to public and private sector clients.

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Core Services