Strategic, Operational and Technical Consulting


Emerging Technologies, Emerging Markets and Global Transformation, Radical game changing business models, never before seen demographics, New Country and Regional level Economic pacts:- These are just some of the key influencing factors driving businesses to seek support in developing key Strategies and Operation Plans.

Magma’s Team has operated at the highest level of the Global Automotive Industry and in all key functions. The teams experience covers all functions and key technological sectors and positions Magma Executive Strategy as uniquely qualified to deliver appropriate considered strategy and related robust implementation plans.

Whether you need a plan to start up an entire new Car Company, a Strategy for a Growth region, a new Product Development Process or a Global Sourcing Strategy Magma Executive Strategy Can deliver.

Magma’s extensive consultant base operates in all regions of the globe.

Example Activities:-

  •  Strategy Consulting
  • Business Plan Development
  • Operational Improvement and Restructuring
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Creation
  • Network planning
  • Market Entry and Exploitation Planning
  • Growth Strategies and Planning
  • Organisational Planning and Talent Programs

Merger and Acquisition Support

  • Target Identification
  • Due Diligence
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Negotiation and Support
  • Post Transaction Integration


Delivering global insight and transformational change within companies and across sectors demands the engagement of the highest calibre professionals, backed by many years of international and cross-industry experience and success.

Focused on the specific needs and challenges of our clients, we draw such capability from across Magma Group and align it, to directly and efficiently drive strategic, operational or technical opportunities. Transport, integrated across the public and private sectors, is a fundamental element of a city’s economy, infrastructure and way of life. From discrete Board- level briefings to the development of high level vision and long term strategy, to hardcore business turnaround, new product development and launch, Magma Group has an unrivaled track record in the global automotive and the broader transport and smart city sectors.

High level industry business briefings – Magma Executive Strategy

Magma’s Global OEM experience base joined with its supply side and distribution experience gives it a unique vantage point from which to monitor and analyse the Automotive Industry. Magma continuously monitors the Automotive  Industry product, technology, sales, communications, people, company and financial trends, developments and events.

Magma offers its unique insights in the form of briefings to senior management, financial and public institutions, investors and other interested parties. These briefings can be specifically constructed around topics of interest as well as general trend or industry overview styles.

Briefings can range from Group presentations to key individuals to written reports according to client specification. Engagements are tailored to clients specific demands from regular periodic briefings to event specific.

Licensing of non-core IP into other companies – Magma Innovations

Many developers and inventors struggle to monetize their Intellectual Property. Magma assists emerging businesses by providing a range of services from Strategy and Business Planning advice, capital raising, marketing, target enterprises to actual marketing and negotiation, licensing and agreements

Strategic & Commercial Consulting Services

With an international track record across the public and private sectors, our strategic and commercial services include;

  • Strategy consulting for future city systems
  • Technology and digital strategy development
  • Commercial and ecosystem analysis and development
  • Solution-driven technology architecture development and 3rd party partner selection
  • Deal structuring, negotiation and execution services
  • Specialist technical and commercial advisory services for corporate investors and VCs
  • Commercial, business development and finance-raising support for technology start-ups and SMEs

Economic development consulting services

In a rapidly urbanising world, it is more important than ever that both future city systems and innovation clusters are developed to directly support economic development and sustainable growth. Our economic development team brings a diverse range of experience across policy, economic, sector and cluster development, delivered around the world.
Our economic development services include;
•    Economic policy development for national and regional governments
•    Scenario planning and visioning for regions, cities and communities
•    Sector and cluster development
•    Competitiveness and productivity studies
•    Local economic development strategies
•    Community Asset Mapping
•    Socio-economic assessments

  •   Economic Impact Assessments
  •   Feasibility Studies and Business Cases
  •   Project and Infrastructure Appraisals
  •   Funding appraisals and bids / delivery strategies
  •   Inward investment strategies
  •   Community asset mapping
  •   Independent assessments to inform and support development proposals

Technical consulting services

The technical breadth and depth of the Magma Innovations R&D and consulting team and our strategic partners enables us to provide world-class technical services in a number of areas. These include, are not limited to;

  • Digital master planning
  • Technology strategy development for integrated mobility and energy systems
  • Cloud services architecture development
  • Urban-scale data management and control platforms
  • Embedded and enterprise architecture development
  • On-the-wire protocol development
  • In-vehicle architecture development
  • Specialist app development
  • Systems integration and data management architecture
  • Modelling and simulation, CAE/CADCAM