Press and Fleet Demonstrator Services

autoXP’s core philosophy for over 20 years has been “to deliver superior vehicle based brand experiences to our clients, their prospects, employees, and journalists.”

We have managed all aspects of Press and Demonstrator fleets for over two decades and intimately know the significance of these high profile fleets.  autoXP cross checks everything that we do so that it supports total brand immersion and that it remains sales focused.  For all of the efforts made behind the scenes by our clients, we know how critical customer touch points are and that our personnel who interact directly with prospects, especially at point of vehicle handover, must represent that brand with passion.    That is why we invest heavily in the recruitment, training, and constant immersion of all autoXP employees in the brands that they represent.

Our expertise in the areas of planning new model launches, VIP handovers, PR event support, and proactively maintaining proper fleet mix to drive utilisation is the added valued we bring to our clients.  All of this is measured by state of the art CSI techniques.  For a prestige client, we have maintained a customer satisfaction rating of over 96% for the past three years.

By delivering superior automotive experiences to our clients, their prospects, employees and journalists we ensure that our clients aims and objectives of Press and Fleet Demonstrators are achieved.

Customer Relations Fleets

We manage customer relations fleets for clients.  Whether a customer needs a replacement vehicle due to an accident or breakdown, or a gap vehicle while their new one is manufactured, we know that by putting one of these customers into a competitors car can be detrimental to retaining a hard earned customer.  autoXP can deliver a replacement vehicle within hours.  And best of all, it is a car with our clients badge on the bonnet.

Customer vehicle damage management

autoXP provides full accident management services to our clients for the fleets we manage.  We help in the collection of funds relating to damaged vehicles as well as expediting the vehicle’s repair.

Event Support and Chauffeuring

autoXP provides support and planning advice for automotive events and high profile activities that our clients choose to invest in.  Our events team provides expertise in the planning stages and our trained Brand Ambassadors and VIP Chauffeurs can provide around the clock service.

Personal delivery test drive fulfillment

autoXP follows bespoke processes ensuring that all client compliance requirements are adhered to.  We then have the delivery and collection of personal test drives carried out by our own Brand Ambassadors.  Our Brand Ambassadors are trained on client facing skills as well as complete product training.

Product Placement Activities

We have the expertise and experience in creating and implementing strategic product placement activities from seed car programmes, long term demo placements, to high profile placements such as sporting events.
Our experience in managing these activities assists our clients in minimising costs while maximising brand exposure.

Routine servicing and product recalls

autoXP has manufacturer trained technicians to carry out routine servicing up to and including warranty and recall.  Given the extensive facilities, we can help clients expedite service campaigns at a scope and scale that would otherwise not be achievable.

Vehicle preparation, delivery and collection

autoXP performs vehicle ordering, PDI, and complete in-life maintenance services for Press, Fleet Demo, Direct Sales, and Retail clients.  autoXP operates from a new centrally located lean and efficient headquarters in Chipping Warden.  We engaged with leading lean consultants to design a process that ensures that client vehicles are prepared and maintained in optimal condition.  All vehicles are hand washed, valeted and stored indoors in heated and well lit facilities prior to being delivered.  Deliveries and collections are only carried out by our own (autoXP employed) product trained Brand Ambassadors.  autoXP never outsources these critical brand interactions nor would we ever have plated drivers.