Outsourced Product and Services Design and Development

The pace of new technology introduction and business model reinvention challenges even the most capable and sophisticated businesses. Today it is unlikely that any business has both the internal competences and on-demand availability of resources to conceive, develop and launch all the new products and services the business needs, when it needs them.

Magma provides outsourced product and service design to resolve these issues so that businesses can maintain a leading position while concentrating on core added value services.

Magma’s experienced innovation and development resources can tackle opportunities regardless of scale providing appropriate and cost effective solutions. Whether it is a process optimization using latest mobile technology, to an in process App development to a new online solution, to a new service or product offering, Magma can develop the strategy, design the process, specify the technology, design the software functionality, branding and appearance, train and launch with users. Magma will also monitor performance and continue in use performance upgrades.

Magma uses its own proprietary innovation and development processes to create solutions at rapid implementation speeds. Magma’s clock-speed, the pace at which we work, comes from a passion to get to market first, but reliably.

Collaborative development projects

Many of Magma’s clients find that they either cannot afford to maintain on headcount development resources or have peak or highly unpredictable requirements. Clients may also need to respond to technological or other industry developments for which they have no core expertise. Magma is able to support rapid product or service development projects either integrated with the client, based upon client program definition or directed by Magma Insight and Experience. If a client has a problem to solve we can usually find an optimum solution.

Intelligent sourcing

Magma can develop optimized intelligent sourcing strategies fully integrated with product design and other strategic considerations to ensure clients capabilities are optimized. Magma has world leading competency in managing complexity and commonality strategies and their implementation hurdles.