Innovative Retailing Solutions

Automotive retail is now about capturing new audiences in new mindsets within new environments. We see that retail stores are transitioning from purely a sales floor or showroom to a space where the brand lives and delivers its promise. The expectations of customers for physical retail spaces has moved on too – consumers can buy virtually anything online and expect stores to deliver something fresh and exciting. Retailers are responding by creating dramatic theatre to create unforgettable experiences to connect emotionally with consumers.

Shopping is now ‘real time’, always connected and instantly informed. Shopping journeys are no longer linear but are anytime, anywhere and anyhow. With increasing use of multiple powerful devices, every touchpoint has the potential to become an opportunity to buy. The growth of mobile specifically has given retailers the opportunity to have a continuous relationship with consumers before, during and after they visit the store.

Innovative retailing solutions is as much about brand and product education as it is about sales. The combination of mobile, digital and physical touchpoints means that Automotive brands can deliver truly integrated experiences that leverage the advantages of each particular channel. These channels need to work effectively regardless of whether the initial interaction was on mobile, online or in a physical store. Magma understands the retail space intimately and has developed a unique approach to suit client’s own specific business needs.  Magma’s solutions range from digital-based online-only applications up to flagship store, and everything in between. Magma’s solutions can be either standalone or integrated within the retailer network depending upon the business requirements.

Digital customer engagement and direct customer aquisition

With well over 90% of buyers starting their journey online, it is clear that digital is a core channel for the consumer. Traditionally, digital channels have been regarded as separate to the physical channels, with a particular role around price checking, information, validation and mobility.

Digital technology in retail is moving at an incredible pace and allowing retailers to engage with consumers on a far deeper level than before. Innovations such as QR codes, NFC, RFID, augmented reality, virtual trial and location based services are all having a huge impact on the retail industry. As consumers become more comfortable with their mobile devices we are seeing an increasing appetite for digital experiences within the retail environment. Magma can now create engaging interactions which are meaningful and add significant value to the customer experience. Magma is fluent in digital customer engagement and expert in leveraging the latest technologies to deliver those superior experiences.

Full on-line transaction capability

With consumers becoming far more sophisticated, tech-savvy and comfortable with online transactions. Magma sought to harness this demand for ease and simplicity, by creating an online portal designed to follow an optimized customer journey. The portal integrates a consumer-facing front end and a proven back end to deliver a single view of the consumer throughout the customer journey from initial awareness right through to purchase.

The connected nature means seamless communication and dialogue with real time updates and reporting including a secure transaction capability that can be integrated into Automotive brands’ own IT infrastructure if required. Magma is able to audit existing IT infrastructure to assess it’s suitability for integration and make appropriate recommendations for deployment