Distribution Network Improvement

Magma provides a range of services to improve Network performance from system design to process monitoring, system improvement and business re-organisation.

Magma’s experienced team starts with a baseline assessment to establish a clear position from which to diagnose issues and measure improvement goals. Using robust processes and measurable goals are fundamental pillars of our approach. All of our solutions benefit from a team comprising hundreds of years of Automotive sales experience across value, mainstream, luxury and commercial franchises.

Dealer talent pool development

Magma assists clients acquire, train and maintain and motivate Talent at the network level through programs designed to achieve regional, national or International corporate goals. Using a combination of centralized and local activities Magma defines specific approaches for each client based upon proven methodologies.

Aftersales/Customer Lifecycle Management

Magma assists clients in ensuring demand and profit optimization in their aftermarket activities. Services can range from National improvement Programs to targeted specific under-performance areas. Magma always defines specific client needs upfront and does not deploy one size fits all solutions.