Jun 2013

Living PlanIT and Magma Innovations announce strategic alliance to drive the next generation of smart mobility

Internet of Things platform leader, Living PlanIT, and automotive and smart transport specialist, Magma Innovations, will work together to set the standards and deliver the solutions for integrated smart transport and infrastructure.

LONDON 10th June 2013. Living PlanIT and Magma Innovations have today announced the establishment of a Strategic Alliance, to provide integrated solutions that bridge the gap between the software, infrastructure, technology and the global automotive and transport sectors.Living-planeit-logo

In an urbanising, resource-constrained world, transport and mobility within cities represents one of the most significant commercial, social and environmental challenges. Transport, integrated across the public and private sectors, is a fundamental element of a city’s economy, infrastructure and way of life.

The synergies between Living PlanIT, a leading software developer for emerging Internet of Things markets and Magma Innovations´ global automotive and transport expertise brings to reality the prospect of smart vehicles running on an interconnected smart infrastructure (e.g. roads, parking facilities, and charging stations). This combination facilitates solutions that will create better experiences for drivers while at the same time reducing congestion, energy consumption, pollution, emissions and travel time. The alliance also enriches Living PlanIT´s existing digital master planning solutions with enhanced integration of public and private transport with a city’s infrastructure and citizen services.

As a strategic partner in the mobility and automotive sectors, Magma Innovations will work closely with Living PlanIT on transport-related elements across a range of projects. These include PlanIT Valley, a Project of National Interest in Portugal and RAPTOR, a research project with the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in East London. In addition, Magma Innovations will provide strategic support to the London City Airport ‘Internet of Things’ TSB-sponsored project, led by Living PlanIT. Other large-scale projects in Europe and the Americas are in the planning phase.

Living PlanIT’s partnership with Magma Innovations will support the acceleration of activities in the smart transport and automotive verticals globally, including wider deployment of the PlanIT OS™ machine-to-machine platform. For this reason, Dr. Robin Daniels, previously Living PlanIT’s Vice President for Sales & Marketing, has transitioned to lead Magma Innovations and to support the development of the strategic partnership. He will continue to be involved with Living PlanIT as an Advisor to the Board.


Magma Innovations

Martin Leach, Chairman of Magma Group said, ”This alliance moves us further towards an interconnected mobility system and the appointment of Robin Daniels further strengthens the Magma Group leadership team. This is a very exciting time to be a part of a rapidly changing Automotive Industry.”

Living PlanIT

Bill Corrigan, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing commented, “We’re very excited about the Magma Innovations partnership.  Since our inception, Living PlanIT has focused our efforts on building the broadest and deepest platform for industrialised Internet solutions, whilst cultivating and working with partners with in-depth domain expertise to build the solutions on this platform.  The alliance with Magma continues this model, where our platform, PlanIT OS™, will extend into the Automotive and Smart Transport sectors by leveraging Magma’s deep expertise in these markets.”


About Living PlanIT SA

Living PlanIT is a privately held software company headquartered in Switzerland recognised globally for its leading research, and development of technologies synonymous with the industrialisation of the Internet.

The company was the recipient of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Award in 2012 for the PlanIT Urban Operating System™ and its application to the development of smart cities around the world including PlanIT Valley, its research platform and Project of National Interest in Portugal and RAPTOR, a research project with the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board in Greenwich.

Living PlanIT is the developer of the PlanIT OS™, the standards based middleware product that provides real time sensing, control, spatial analytics, data integration, security, support and provisioning of ubiquitous context relevant applications for the Internet of Things. The PlanIT OS™ provides the infrastructure for solutions across a broad range of vertical markets from manufacturing through mining exploration.

The PlanIT Urban Operating System™ is the implementation of the PlanIT OS™ for smart city and urban development vertical markets.

We value people who are willing to take on big challenges, are open and respectful to others, self-critical, questioning, are committed to personal excellence, accountability for results and quality returns to our stakeholders.

Known for creativity, integrity and diversity, we are passionate about our customers, partners, technology and contributing to improvements in the quality of life for the world’s people and our planet.

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About Magma Innovations Ltd

Magma Innovations is a leading strategic and technical consultancy and software house for the global smart transport sector and associated industries; delivering smart solutions, systems and technologies for the connected digital world.

With a track record of international leadership in smart city technologies and digital mobility master planning, we see cities as systems, made up of networks of increasingly interconnected devices.

In the era of the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communication, Magma Innovations bridges the gap between automotive, technology, city services, real-estate and city governments. Working with partners across a range of sectors, we believe that integrated transportation forms a key part of the city’s nervous system, connecting essential city services and infrastructure with citizen–facing Apps, and everything in between.

We are part of the Magma Group of companies, an internationally recognised leader in cutting-edge thinking, strategy development and innovation within the global automotive sector. Magma Group counts as clients every major automotive OEM on the planet; consistently helping companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage by creating and implementing transformational concepts and services.

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