May 2013

just-auto interviews Magma Group Chairman

It was a telephone call from then UK prime minister Tony Blair that prompted Martin Leach to form Magma, the multi-faceted automotive industry consultancy and service provider.

The call came in 2005 asking if the former head of Ford of Europe, Mazda and Maserati could help save MG Rover which was going into administration.

“One of the first things I did was contact PwC but was told they couldn’t deal with me because I wasn’t a company,” said Leach. “So I got together with some other contacts and we formed Magma – so called because Magma possesses a lot of energy, forms its own path, is solid and enduring.”

While helping to ease MG Rover’s path towards China, Magma has since spread its own wings working within – and outside – the automotive industry on globalisation, turnarounds, repositioning, growth activities, mergers, post acquisition integration, cross-cultural integration, divestment, partnerships, joint ventures, motorsport, downturn planning and downturn survival.

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