Jul 2014

Asset Mapping and Level39 announce next wave of future-city innovation in London’s Canary Wharf

8 July 2014, London – Canary Wharf Group plc’s technology accelerator space, Level39 collaborates with Asset Mapping to encourage innovation in smart-building technology.

Level39 is to host a live asset mapping service that will allow them to see the health, location and status of their building’s devices, as well as provide an environment for smart city technology development between Level39 tenant companies and others.

Asset Mapping, a Level39 member and the company behind device mapping at the London 2012 Olympics, is driving the project. This technology makes it possible to view Level39’s energy management and the performance of key assets via live, user-friendly dashboards.

In addition to enabling reductions in maintenance and energy costs for Level39, members of the accelerator and visitors to Canary Wharf will be able to see how assets interact with one another as well as with their surroundings. The assets integrated onto the open platform will initially include air conditioning units and lighting systems, and provide the interface for new services and energy saving devices in the future.

With greater visibility and control of key equipment and installations, the Asset Mapping platform will enable significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs across Level 39. Visitors and tenant companies will experience how the platform enables the so-called Internet of Things, for example automatically adjusting the lighting and temperature in rooms to suit the weather outside and the pre-set preferences of the people inside.

The Asset Mapping open platform is designed for the integration of third-party apps and equipment. This means that there will be opportunities to further enhance the experience of Level39 member companies and visitors, to encourage developments to improve the maintenance and performance of assets, and provide a unique environment for collaborative innovation between companies in the Future Cities sector.

A demonstration of Asset Mapping, applied to the Level 39 Club Lounge and featured at its recent launch, can be found here; http://youtu.be/k7D2s1BUfRU

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise, said “London’s population is growing rapidly and will have increased by a million people in the decade up until 2021. The Mayor’s Smart London Plan recognises the challenges this presents and sets out how we can use technology to help the capital work even better as a city and meet the needs of our burgeoning population. Level 39 is one of the initiatives helping us to the meet future opportunities in London by providing an innovative space for businesses to create, test, market and deliver technologies that will help businesses to meet the demands of the future.”

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39, Canary Wharf Group, said “It is only when a city upgrades or installs the right “Infostructure” and becomes smartly connected that it can start to think about becoming an efficient ‘Future City’. Asset Mapping’s technology enhances this connectivity, and that is why we are delighted to host Asset Mapping’s
platform here at Level39. The onus should be on businesses as well as government to drive city innovations, and we think that by inviting our community to explore and collaborate using the Asset Mapping platform, we can help shape some new thinking and opportunities in future cities technology.”

Dr Robin Daniels, Chief Executive of Magma Innovations and strategic Advisor to Asset Mapping, said “The deep experience of the team, coupled with the technical excellence underpinning the platform, means that Asset Mapping is exactly the kind of world class business that is required to make smart cities a reality, starting here in East London”