SME Business Development – UK


UK Premium OEM – The immediate challenge for our client was to achieve rapid sales traction for a new range of cars targeted at the “Business” dominated upper medium segment. In achieving this objective it was crucial to protect the integrity and RVs of the range from launch by uniquely targeting profitable “End User” SME business.  The OEM had been absent from this market for some time therefore; it was necessary to create awareness and significant conquest sales from “Lapsed” or “New” prospects.


Together with our client we identified the need to implant a team of professional business sales specialists to prospect, appoint, and sell directly into SMEs who had not previously bought any of their products or to “lapsed” customers who had not purchased for over 2 years.

We searched, assessed, and appointed a team of highly skilled BDMs (Business Development Managers), a team manager, and sales support specialist within the specified deadline. It was also necessary to design operational processes, reporting, and implement thorough induction training, so that the team were fully integrated into the client’s existing corporate organisation.  This demanded that each BDM possessed the required product, funding and taxation knowledge to meet the OEM’s stringent requirements and would project the premium image of the Brand.

In order to support their sales effectiveness a fleet of dedicated demonstration vehicles were created and managed by our sister company autoXP – Dedicated delivery drivers went through intensive product training to act as “Brand Ambassadors” and assist the sales process. In addition an electronic CS feedback process was implemented to support BDM follow up and provide important early driver feed back.

Prior to launch it was vital to appraise the OEM’s Business Network of the programme objectives – We therefore concluded a familiarisation phase so that the Network business sales teams and dealer principals were fully engaged and supportive of the programme.

We were also tasked with initially qualifying all of the OEM’s lead management output. A key objective was to feed the BDMs with sufficient prospect data to achieve a minimum weekly prospect visit rate of 48 between the team. Utilising Magma’s own data, together with lapsed data from both dealers and the OEM’s database this target was achieved almost immediately – The BDMs also directly qualified all leads generated via the call platform within a 24 hour deadline.



The Programme has now been running for 3 years – Over this period it has evolved. BDMs now focus on all of our client’s products including promoting their “In house” contract hire and leasing products. Furthermore they also coach and work hand in hand with willing dealers to assist their local business activities.


  • Over 4,500 New SME prospects have been identified, qualified & visited.
  • Over 3,500 demonstrations to SME’s have been completed.
  • Annual order take target has been achieved.
  • Almost two-thirds of the BDM orders are conquest.
  • BDM Sales are continue to grow year on year.
  • 30% of sales are via the client’s own leasing company.
  • Direct qualification of inbound leads from the OEM’s call centre has led to improved appointment ratio - From less than 8% to 30%.
  • The Programme has met with acclaim from the majority of the Network.