Senior executive outplacement


The rate of change within the automotive industry today can sometimes mean that a senior executive who was critical to the success of the business only a few years ago is now no longer the right person to lead that particular function or division in the face of very different challenges.

If no other appropriate role can be found for the executive, the company is then left facing a difficult dilemma.


Magma People was recently asked to help a client facing just such a dilemma. The executive in question had worked for the company for a number of years and had made a significant contribution in recent years, leading two important turnaround and restructuring projects on behalf of the company.

However, the challenges now facing their particular area of the business required a different kind of leadership to manage a more steady state operation post-restructure.


In supporting the group HR director and the executive involved, Magma People put together a bespoke programme of evaluation, advice and mentoring to allow them to move on from the Company and forward with their career.

The evaluation program consisted of in-depth interviews with the executive, 360° feedback from others within the organisation and a comprehensive series of psychometric profiling and leadership attribute tests.

At the end of this process the executive spent a full day with a small team of advisors from Magma People who took them through the outputs from all of the evaluation phase with a clear focus on future career development. At the same time they were introduced to their mentor, a recently retired senior industry figure with deep knowledge of their particular discipline, selected from a pool of senior advisors from within the Magma People network.


Over the following three months the executive had four structured face-to-face meetings with their mentor, as well as a number of follow-up phone conversations to discuss aspects of their leadership skills development and career search.

The executive also met regularly with a consultant from Magma People who advised them on their career search and helped to actively engage with potential employers on their behalf.

Within less than six months the executive had secured a position with another leading OEM, in a more dynamic and entrepreneurial restructuring role more suited to their skillset and experience.

The exit from their former company was handled as a smooth transition and the executive began work with the new company with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a better appreciation of their personal leadership strengths.