Pan European Fleet sales development


The client OEM was about to start a major multi-product renewal cycle throughout Europe including core fleet models.  They recognised that business to business activity  and resource varied across its European National sales companies, therefore, it was crucial to address this  prior to the launch of it’s new products. The OEM chose four key markets to participate in the project – Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

No one solution could be applied across all four markets.

The challenge for Magma was firstly to analyse the issues for each country, secure the required resource and implement the additional support required. Our client set specific sales targets and penalties should the KPIs not be delivered.


We proposed to implement a Team of Business Development Managers for each country, supported by a central platform and pan European Sales management.

Our first challenge was to recruit six BDMs between the four markets who were capable of working within the OEM’s structure whilst possessing strong b to b sales skills and a detailed knowledge of their local fleet/business market.

Key to success was the availability of qualified prospect data and consequently securing prospect appointments. We decided to establish a company and office in Switzerland (Magma Services GmbH) and recruited a team able to speak the required languages and dialects  to support the BDMs in the prospecting process. The central office is also able to generate reporting, local HR/Payroll and administrative support for the team.

To co-ordinate and drive activities we also recruited a European Sales Manager.

Whilst each of the BDMs report to and are fully integrated into each OEM, Magma management are in constant contact and regularly meet with each of the NSCs to review results and generate new ideas. We developed and agreed detailed strategies for each of the markets and added value through developing specific processes and research.

The BDMs were then tasked with agreeing the individual country needs and priorities. We also conducted mystery shops to determine dealer capability in promoting the OEMs Full Service Leasing product and developed an improvement process for follow up by the BDMs.



The programme has now been running for one and a half years and is on course to meet the overall sales target. Significant sales progress had been made and Magma Automotive Services are continuously reviewing, adapting and developing actions to ensure that the project continues to yield success across each country.

For example in Germany the focus has been to place more emphasis on dealer development in to build a long term focus via participating dealers towards business sales, together with creating a better awareness, through the full service leasing providers, of the OEMs products and creating the conditions for them to quote competitive rentals to their customers.

Positive progress is being made with the new products gaining positive traction.