Lex Autolease | SEO & Site Design & Build


Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading fleet management and fleet funding specialist, offering vehicle leasing for fleets large and small. The company was created from the 2009 merger of Lex with Lloyds TSB Autolease. The creation of the Lloyds Banking Group brought together Lex, the HBOS-owned market leader with 251,000 vehicles, and Lloyds-owned Autolease, which had 129,000 vehicles.

The corporate merger necessarily involved a process of alignment between the previously diverse strands of Lex’s online branding and e-business.

It was crucial to maintain continuity for existing customers from both Lex and Autolease, and to provide clarity for new ones.


We undertook a site audit with Information Architecture and user experience studies, combined with a company-wide digital acquisition strategy to complement the technical and content management recommendations. This strategic review led to our rebrand and rebuild of the Lex Autolease main site.



Our acquisition campaign produced a triumph for the newly merged company. The search marketing and site optimisation strategy doubled traffic sales leads within 12 months and helped win the Lloyds TSB Group marketing award for digital excellence.