Hybrid Vehicle Experience Program


Lexus, like many manufacturers, faces difficulties in getting it’s products driven by the right people within the corporate/fleet area. It’s a highly competitive market with established major German manufacturers dominating the premium space. It’s especially challenging, if you also have a relatively new Hybrid technology that is not widely understood by either fleet managers or drivers to introduce the benefits of.

Lexus challenged Magma to deliver 400 test drives and leads for it’s retailer network over a 3 month period using it’s ‘Total Sales Solution’ program and Magma’s autoXP logistics division.


Our initial planning focused around ensuring that we understood and sized the target audience. It was important to bring together databases and cleanse data to minimize any wasted effort or duplication. We used our Magma Data Engine to take over 36 retailer databases, Lexus Finance, Lexus fleet and our own Magma AI database to combine into one target list. We then ranked and tagged geographically each contact to ensure leads and test-drives where allocated to the most appropriate Lexus contact.

We had over 18,000 target companies across the UK that we could contact via either mail, telephone or email and we designed a contact strategy that optimized our approach, creating unique campaign emails and a microsite to allow contacts to register interest in the program and book test drives.

We then analyzed what would be the best logistics and delivery methodology for maximizing leads and test-drives. Our Magma ‘Total Sales Solution’ is able to use 3 different methodologies – Event based, Centralised or what we chose – Networked approach. This allowed Magma to manage the vehicles and process using a web based diary system but with each retailer delivering the actual test drive experience from vehicles placed with them.

The complete booking and follow up process was managed by Magma with automated CSI surveys and retailer and zone manager reporting of lead progress. Companies who were not at the correct stage of the buying process or not able to choose Lexus at this time entered into the CRM nurture database.


  • The program was successful in delivering over 500 test drives
  •  customer satisfaction score of over 96% in the sales and test drive process.
  • Importantly, Retailers reported sales and new fleet agreements within 2 weeks of the start of the program
  • Over 45% of the companies who had test drives had never been in contact or considered Lexus before the program started and new relationships developed