107 Re-launch | TV Commercial & Promotion


In early 2009 Peugeot gave a makeover to the 107, their best-selling city compact. With a stylish ‘new face’, better fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions and upgraded interiors, Peugeot naturally wanted to shout about the new107.

As an urban compact, the 107 has particular appeal to a younger female audience. In the UK Peugeot targeted this group using the Bauer / Channel 4 music channels, the Box TV network. With channels such as Kiss, Q and Kerrang, the Box network offers a very wide range of music programming. We were commissioned to create TV advertisements specially to target this music loving young female audience.


Our ads featured three young women, each from a different music “tribe” (rock, pop or urban) driving a 107 through a computer generated environment. The ads included interaction and competitions to create direct response from the campaign.
Budget was understandably limited for such a highly targeted campaign, but with all the high quality production values required of a mainstream automotive TV commercial.


Not only did we produce the commercials within these tight budgets, the results led to two campaign extensions and some of Bauer's highest ever levels of competition response.

Television is a traditionally expensive medium, which inhibits micro targeting by location or interest. However with such low cost, high value creative work, Peugeot were able to speak directly to key segments of their target market.